Monday, July 21, 2008

2008-07-21 the sidekick purse

this is the crazy purse that i've been working on for almost 2 weeks now! still not finished with this sucker yet. almost though!

here's the credit card section....

and here's the purse with both sections (a coin purse section and a credit card/check book holder section) sewn onto the purse. the purse is lying flat in this picture.

right now, i am working on the sides. the bias tape is a pain in the butt. i am having to *GASP* hand stitch the bias tape to the purse!

on the right side of the purse in this picture there is a thingy hanging out. it will be sewn in when i hand stitch the bias tape to that side.


alisha said...

Okay, super seriously- go ahead and make one without the checkbook holder. I need this one!

You have me excited over what you will do next! I don't know that I would ever venture to do a project like this purse- but you did! And it's AWESOME!

Eriksgirl said...

Holly, that purse is so awesome. Just awesome!!! You did a fabulous job!!