Thursday, June 26, 2008

2008-06-26 completed cargo shorts

the stinkin' shorts are D-O-N-E. and the crappy thing is that they're WAY too big. i just don't get patterns. for the most part the puportions are just...just....i don't know. barbie purpotions or something. anyways, i purposely made the shorts on the bigger side. i thought too big is better than too small. let's see....ryan has gained about 35-40 lbs since we've been together. 10 years now. actually 11. i think. anyways, in another 10 years---maybe 15--- he'll be able to wear them!

the pattern i used was simplicity 3891. they were pretty easy to make. but there's alot of pockets. alot. so that's kinda tedious.

in progress. the markings on the shorts are the pattern piece numbers. i write them on each piece with chalk.

finished front of cargo shorts (yes i realize the left leg is a longer than the right leg. but i'm not gonna fix them until ryan can actually wear them)

finished back of cargo shorts

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